Sausage Party

Sausage Party To start with, if you are easily offended by stuff then this film is certainly not for you. It is wrong on so many levels and will appeal to those amongst us that haven’t really grown up ūüôā Brief outline is that it is an cartoon but not for kids, certainly not for… Continue reading Sausage Party

Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children

So last week I went to see Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children It is a good film, I enjoyed it, Tim Burton is behind it and you can tell. Not giving too much away, it’s a love story but the home for peculiar children is stuck in a loop in¬†1943, just before it got… Continue reading Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children

Girl with all the Gifts

My film reviews and lessons learned from the movies. The Girl with All the Gifts – Got to love a¬†Virus Movie where everyone starts eating each other. I won’t go into too many spoilers but I loved it and I loved the message¬†at the end. To¬†find out what I mean you need to watch it,… Continue reading Girl with all the Gifts

Summers Here get those Kids moving

Top Ten Ways to Exercise this Summer with Your Kids The summer holidays are here and have you sat there and vowed to get more active as a family over the¬†summer. Do you sit there and wonder what to do and where to start though? Is it because the time you want to be exercising… Continue reading Summers Here get those Kids moving

Stepping Up

Time to Face Up A While back a client of mine sent this through to me, she couldn’t remember where it came from¬†but it is so true. Have a read The hardest client to have is the one who refuses to take responsibility for his own life. The hardest friend to ever have is the… Continue reading Stepping Up

It’s not a bad thing to be selfish

¬†       It’s seen as a bad thing. Being Selfish and thinking of yourself and putting yourself first. But is it? Not really, I understand as we get older we have people who depend on us, I have 3 kids & a lovely wife¬†who do depend on me, there are clients who depend… Continue reading It’s not a bad thing to be selfish